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    Dr. Patton is an exceptionally kind, compassionate, and personable psychiatrist who is also extremely knowledgeable and up-to-date regarding new research and developments in his field. I say this as one who has been a patient of his, on and off, for over twelve years. Due to constraints involving both distance and my insurance, I saw several other psychiatrists over the years with mediocre to disastrous results. I finally made the decision to return to Dr. Patton's care despite the then 90 mile commute to see him and the out-of-pocket expense. I can say with absolute conviction and certainty that his quality of care is unparalleled and truly a rarity not only in psychiatry, but in medicine as a whole, today.

    Dr. Patton is not only professionally capable, he is eminently human and down-to-earth. He always makes me feel comfortable and relates to me as an equal rather than as a "patient". Even after having had a lapse in treatment of several years, he remembers my history and always asks about how my family members are doing. He has a sincere appreciation for the complexities inherent in human beings, and never resorts to simple or incomplete diagnosis. On the contrary, his regular office visits are a full fifty minutes, which I'm pretty sure is almost unheard of among most psychiatrists, and his approach is comprehensive and thorough.

    I am impressed with Dr. Patton's level of training and knowledge, especially as it relates to mood disorders and psychopharmacology. He always stays abreast of new developments in the field. Additionally, he is open to feedback and trying different treatments until the right outcome is achieved.

    I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Patton and the quality of care that he has given me over the years! Not only is he an exceptional psychiatrist, he is also an exceptionally good human being.

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